CRASS FED KIDS emerged out of the Crass Fed web comic, as an imprint for slightly askew children’s books and graphic novels.

CRASS FED was a web comic in two parts that ran from July 2012 to July 2016.  The main comic was inspired by The Far Side, and ran for 200 single-panel comics that relied on puns.  Glorious puns.  The second aspect was a series of “Sunday Funnies” starring a cow and a penguin, The Adventures of Surf and Turf.  Surf & Turf ran for about 25 strips, and led directly to the characters Shakes the Cow and Percie the Penguin.

In June of 2014, creator J. Robert Deans was laid off from his job selling comic books.  The next day, an idea struck, and the first book, MOO THOUSAND AND PUN, took off.  So to speak.  Another book followed, featuring a koala spy, THE BEAR FROM AUNT, created simply as a fun gag for Deans’ wife.  Both series have proven popular enough for Deans to keep creating.

CRASS FED KIDS books feature accessible writing and funny artwork designed to delight and engage readers of all ages.  CFK books feature subtly delivered lessons on courage, friendship, empathy, and perseverance, all wrapped up in what can only be described as “dad humor.”

You can find out more about J. Robert Deans, the creator of Shakes and Stanley, in the links to the right.